About Direct Communications

Established in 1990, Direct Communications is a Western Australian communication specialist supplying and supporting analogue and digital radio systems, including P25, DMR, TETRA, MPT1327 and Aviation requirements

We repair and service most major brands of commercial two-way radios, TAIT, Motorola, Vertex, Hytera, Kenwood, Icom, Sepura and Simoco. We supply handhelds, in vehicle mobile units, base stations and multisite repeater systems, including systems support and technical analysis for existing networks.


  • Can demonstrate (live site) proof of concept (voice and data)

  • Have internal capacity to provide complete Managed Service.

  • Access to multi-task workforce (design, rigging, installation, commissioning)

  • Meets State Government “Buy Local” recommendation.

Direct Communications have successfully implemented several DMR systems to Port Authorities, local governments and government utilities. We have our own multisite DMR communications network servicing the Perth Area, which we can use to demonstrate the advantages of Digital Mobile Radio.

Direct Communications has a diverse workforce, including project managers, licenced cablers, installers, technicians and IT specialists, and are well positioned to provide a turn-key solution, and system support.

Our engineering team can provide solutions to optimise system coverage, channel capacity calculations and address technical requirements of a complex radio environment such as total site coverage, including underground and basement areas.

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