At Direct Communications our team of experienced technical staff are here to backup our extensive product range for a variety of industries.

Direct Communications is a leading supplier of integrated, open standards-based communications solutions to a wide range of mining operations both above and underground.

Communications that meet the highest demands regarding safety, responsiveness and flexibility are crucial for mining companies who must ensure safety and efficiency is never compromised.

Radio equipment we supply is designed to cope with the harshest of environments, and is ideal for mining operations requiring reliable, robust and instant communications to link all operational facilities and staff in a rough and ever-changing environment.

Portable radios can be supplied with Intrinsically Safe (IS) and Non-Incendive (NI) features for use around hazardous materials.

We can deliver customised voice and data mobile radio products and solutions suited to even the most demanding mining environments – and our class-leading products mean customers gain wide area radio coverage with the minimum amount of infrastructure.

When an emergency strikes, public safety users need to communicate. Direct Communications offer a host of technology solutions to address interoperability, from system-to-system to connect critical resources across agencies, technologies and networks.

For your emergency needs, see our products offered.

Extending information to the point of activity delivers new efficiencies with secure, cost effective, reliable voice and data communications. Drive productivity and customer service levels up and interruptions down.

In a continuous effort to improve customer service levels, meet regulatory compliance and maintain cost efficiencies, utility companies are seeking real-time visibility across operations. Direct Communications offers voice and data solutions that allow you to manage operations, across your networks.

Direct Communications delivers communication solutions that allows government agencies to focus on their mission– and not worry about the technology.

Mission critical networks provide integrated voice and data communications and when an effective joint response is needed, it enables seamless communication across multiple agencies.

Direct Communications deliver solutions allowing state and local governments to serve their residents and improve operations. Better mobile workers. Better information. Better decisions. A better community.

Direct Communications provide transport agencies with reliable voice and data solutions whether it be location services to track vehicles, organising ground operations or, enhancing work safety radio communications forms an integral part of the transportation and logistics industry.

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