If it’s two-way radio, then we can do it. From analogue to digital formats, we can help, and are constantly working to learn new technologies as they are developed. We support all the major brands of radios, with qualified radio electronics technicians who can work through systems we don’t know.

Radio Networks

DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers commercial and worker safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, DMR gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. DMR products adhere to the DMR Association’s open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.

Direct Communications can design, build and supply P25 solutions that are robust, interoperable, secure and which have open standard-based elements. We therefore can provide public safety agencies with complete end-to-end solutions to meet the organizations mission critical requirements that is always essential to maintain wireless voice and data connection .

Analog Simulcast (AS-IP) networks are IP-based analog systems that are specifically designed to provide conventional simulcast communications over wide geographic areas.

MPT-IP (MPT1327) is a trunked communications solution that meets current regulatory requirements and provides a significant step towards IP-connected digital operations.

Analog conventional radio systems are tailored to meet the customers’ specific needs – from small organization with just a few staff to large corporate needing wide-area communications across many employees and groups.


The Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) is a mobile communication system for command and dispatch based on the operator’s mobile communication network. Because of its convenient use and no distance restrictions, it is very popular among all walks of users. Its main function is to provide work management and command and dispatch services for enterprises, institutions and groups, mainly for group users, such as public security, firefighting, hospitals, urban management, government agencies, transportation, airport aviation, large-scale gatherings, etc. Due to its wide coverage and low cost, it can be rapidly deployed in batches to meet the needs of these groups to improve emergency response speed and work efficiency.

Satellite & Cellular

Whether you require voice and data communications in the middle of the Pilbara or extended mobile coverage closer to home Direct Communications can assist. We sell and support the full range of Iridium and Thuraya Satellite communication devices that not only cover voice and data but we can also deploy FM broadcast radio to some very remote locations.

Direct Communications also sell and support a full range of cellular boosters designed to enhance mobile phone coverage in outlying and fringe areas.

Fleet Management

Direct Communications see the future in vehicle tracking, mobile data and fleet management system. We utilise technologies such as the Global Positioning System, robust communication networks for data transfer, Mobile Display Terminals and vehicle operating sensing technology. The interest in the equipment has been wide and varied ranging from Local Government through to the Mining Industry.

Infrastructure Solutions

Efficient fixed infrastructure is required at mines sites to ensure reliable communications. Whether upgrading or providing coverage in a new remote area Direct Communications can design, supply and install Communications Huts and Skids at your location.

Direct Communications provide mobile communications in the form of solar powered trailers.

The Direct Communications Solar Communications Trailer was originally developed to service the growing needs of mobile communications industry. Due to the flexibility of the design of the trailer and mast it can be adapted to suit many different functions and customer needs.

This single axle custom built trailer is designed and engineered to provide reliable mobile communications in remote areas and to suit extreme conditions.

The chassis forms the platform to mount various equipment to accommodate customer requirements, and the trailer is easily deployed by one operator with an approximate set up time of 15 minutes.

Safety, along with effectiveness of communications, has been one of the main priorities during the design and implantation of this trailer. With the knowledge of mine spec requirements we developed an efficient safety solution.

Effectively designed by our specialised team, the trailers are built in-house and sent to site upon completion

Direct Communications can extend the coverage to areas where new infrastructure cannot be placed by installing and commissioning BDA units, above and underground.

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